Best Apps for Lucid Dreaming

A great lucid dreaming app will provide detailed instruction in the techniques of lucidity, on-device notifications for performing state tests, and a dream journal. It should be designed for nighttime, and it should be affordable. There's one app that stands out as a clear winner, and that’s Shape: Lucid Dreaming. It’s a free app on the iOS App Store with hundreds of 5-star app reviews.

Shape: Lucid Dreaming for iOS

Shape isn't just an app – it is a lucid dreaming coach that offers expert guidance to help you learn how to have lucid dreams in just 30 days. Shape offers tools to support you on your journey, including "Am I Dreaming" reminders, sleep cycle tracking, identifying peak dreamtime, and a dream journal designed for nighttime.

Shape isn't just for experts – many beginners report having their first lucid dream the very night they downloaded Shape. The techniques and tools that Shape offers work for everyone, whether you have no experience working with dreams or have been recording dreams and going lucid for years.

Here's why we picked Shape for “best lucid dreaming app.”

  • Top-quality audio guides
  • A best in class dream journal, designed for nighttime
  • Am-I-Dreaming reminders for performing state tests and reality checks
  • In-depth progress tracking and dream/sleep analytics
  • Integration with Apple Watch sleep cycle tracking
  • A generous free offering (and bonus premium features at affordable cost)

Bonus: Shape has a beautiful design featuring color gradients that subtly but continuously shift on color and shape, evoking the fluidity of the dream world.

Shape's audio guides, progress tracking, and Apple Watch "peak dreamtime."

Awoken – Lucid Dreaming Tool for Android

Awoken is a lucid dreaming app with a dream journal and information on lucid dreaming. When you wake up, you can set up Awoken so that you have a notification ready to remind you to write down your dreams.

The tools and instruction section includes useful reading on lucid dreaming and training instructions for performing reality tests. Awoken can help you learn the techniques of lucid dreaming.

Here's why we like Awoken:

  • Simple design
  • Good dream journal with search and tags
  • Cloud backup
  • Technical information on lucid dreaming and reality checks
  • A generous free offering (with ads)

Awoken's notifications, dream journal, and dark mode.

Learn how to lucid dream by downloading the Shape app. Readers qualify for 10% off the annual plan.
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